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Microsoft Office 365 (including Microsoft Exchange email)

The following web sites simply take you to the above web site:

Note: https://outlook.com is the old ‘Microsoft Hotmail’ free web mail service and not related to Office 365 in any way.  This is somewhat confusing.

HowNow Online

HowNow Edit App and Outlook add-on


Xero Practice Manager

AUSkey is not working when I visit the Australian Tax Office Portal (https.tap.ato.gov.au)

Internet browser incompatibility and dependency on either JAVA or a browser extension

AUSkey works best when you use Chrome + download the latest AUSkey browser extension here: https://auskey.abr.gov.au/plugin/AUSkeyInstaller.exe

You have to manually go into Chrome > Settings > Extensions and select “enable” to enable the AUSkey extension.

If you want to use Internet Explorer v11 make sure to set JAVA security settings in the Control Panel to ‘Medium’ and possibly add the ATO portal website to the list of site exceptions.

If the login page for the Australian Tax Office Portal shows you one or more AUSkey entries to choose from, it means it is working properly.

If your AUSkey password is not accepted that is a separate matter – passwords cannot be reset; you would need to register a new AUSkey using https://abr.gov.au/AUSkey/

Empdupe maker is not working.

The licence of the software is not linked properly.

File > Preferences  > Set the correct path for the licence.
Restart the program.

Everyone in the office is sharing their mail and calendar.  People frequently receive meeting invitations even if they are not invited.

The option “Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me” is enabled.

This option is selected by default when you first delegate access to your mail and calendar.  When delegating access to your calendar, make sure to untick this option(!)

If user A is invited to a meeting, delegates X, Y and Z will receive an email stating that user A is invited.  Uses X, Y, and Z can than respond on behalf of user A.  Do not use this option in a small office!

You can change this as follows: Outlook > File > Account Settings button> Delegate Access > Select a delegate > Permissions > Untick.  Repeat for all delegates.

I am not receiving meeting invitations.

Delegation settings error.  Do not use “My delegates only” but stick to the recommended settings.

If you receive the following error when clicking ‘OK’ check your list of delegates and remove any [Not Found] entries before saving:

You can change this as follows: Outlook > File > Account Settings button> Delegate Access.

HowNow Outlook add-on popup form takes 30 seconds to populate the clients list.



Do not use.  Drag and drop emails and attachments to your Desktop and perform a manual upload.

Pending vendor.  A new version of the HowNow outlook add-on is scheduled to become available start of May 2017 and may require testing.

HowNow Online: “Changes to some document details have been detected”

The Edit App is not designed to cope with multiple people editing documents as the same user – because it locks and unlocks the file based on the user that is editing, it could be causing problems if multiple people are trying to edit or open documents under the same user profile.  This may happen when an older computer is being replacecd with a new computer and the HowNow Edit App saved username and password are active on both computers.

Ensure users are not using a shared account; each user is to use a separate account.

Xero invitation sent to new user.  User clicks on the link to accept the invitation and is asked for a password.  There is no password set.  The account is pending activation.  Resetting the password as a Xero administrator is not possible.


Simply click on the “Forgotten your password” link.  You will then receive an email with a link to a web page where you can set a new password.


MYOB Accountants Office (MYOB AO Classic v17.0.2) uses a PDF converter “Amyuni Document Converter”.  When I try to print a financial report I receive the following error:

“Could not initialise PDF printer driver. […]”

“Amyuni Document Converter” printer needs a registration code to link it to MYOB and allow MYOB to print using this printer.  This printer cannot be used by any other software product.  The registration code is either missing or incorrect.  Running “Update MYOB AO Classic” does not re-install the “Amyuni Document Converter” registration code.

1. Go to directory “…\aonet\MYOBAO\Setup”
2. Run Register.bat

Register.bat contains the following line of text:

%AO%\PDF_Converter\Install.exe -s "MYOB AO PDF Generator" -n "MYOB Australia Limited" -c "07EFCDAB01000100AFB3B53DB8065307766FAF2D4AD823CD1516201056E04927E0EA52F404774BA1864CBED00899079B6FA5923A47335FB51A1B11BF068D4B"

If you run this instruction it will re-install the “Amyuni Document Converter” printer including the correct registration code to make it work with MYOB AO Classic v17.0.2.

BGL / SFUND: When I create PDF of docs, it says “the PDF export file is open and needs to be closed down first.”

If the Cairns account generates a PDF and then India wants to do the same, the India account does not have permission to overwrite the PDF that Cairns had generated previously.

Change the permissions of the BGL / SFUND folder such that Users have Modify permissions.

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2wheelsnorth – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Search Console

Register in Google Search Console:

  • http://2wheelsnorth.com
  • http://twowheelsnorth.com
  • http://www.2wheelsnorth.com
  • http://www.twowheelsnorth.com

Set target country in Google Search Console.

Submit sitemap file to Google Search Console.



External links

This page links to http://www.2wheelsnorth.com.   Please change this to simply “2wheelsnorth.com” if possible.


In the dim and distant days at the dawn of the web, those publishing a website on print media would add the ‘www’ prefix. It informed everyone you’d moved into the twenty-first century and owned a piece of prime real estate on the World Wide Web like www.facebook.com or www.google.com.

Fast forward to 2016. Everyone knows what the web is — few organizations publish their websites with a preceding www. People understand that google.com, facebook.com and twitter.com are websites.  There is no need to put “www” in the name.  You could even leave out the “http://” bit.

Timeline posts about different spelling of the website have been removed – excellent.  Facebook page looks great.

This page links to http://www.2wheelsnorth.com.  Please change this to simply “2wheelsnorth.com” if possible.


Now that we have a Facebook page, we should enable social media integration on the website so that people can simply click on a “like” or “share on Facebook” button to link to Posts on the website and add them to their Facebook Timeline.  This increases crosslinking between sites and results in your website reaching a larger audience.  Also, external links to your website will improve search ranking.

I have enabled the following plugins:

  • AccessPress Social Counter
  • AccessPress Social Icons
  • AccessPress Twitter Feed
  • Social Share WordPress Plugin – AccessPress Social Share

AccessPress Social Counter

A plugin to display your social accounts fans, subscribers and followers number on your website.

AccessPress Social Icons

A plugin to add social icons on your website.

AccessPress Twitter Feed

A plugin to show your Twitter feed on your website.

Social Share WordPress Plugin – AccessPress Social Share

A plugin to add various social media shares to a site

Please feel free to explore the newly added options in the Dashboard of your website.


Social Icons

The following social media accounts can be displayed on your website:


For now I have just added your Facebook account to keep things simple.

For every Social Media platform you use, a link will be visible on the website so people can go there and check it out:


Also, Google Search Console will pickup that your website has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. improving your search ranking.

Social Share icons

Also, every post and page on your website now has ‘social share’ icons below it.

You can now simply click on the “share on Facebook” button next to a post to publish it directly to your Facebook timeline!  This saves you having to write content twice.  It also increases the number of links to your website.

  1. Write a new Post in ‘Stories’ on your website.
  2. Publish the new story.
  3. Click on the “share on Facebook” button to publish the story on your Facebook timeline.

Yoast SEO

Your website uses a plugin named “Yoast SEO” to help you write high quality posts.  This should help to improve your website’s ranking on search engines.

  • I have disabled the Readability statistics and only enabled Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features as to not unnecessarily complicate things.
  • I have changed a setting where it said “Personal website” to “Business website”.
  • I have listed your Facebook account so it will be advertised to search engines.

Now that this is all operational I have focused on adding more content to the web site:

Please have a look at the following post (in the Dashboard):


Notice the SEO traffic light is GREEN.  I have followed all guidelines to turn this article into a high quality post.  Note all the green traffic light icons below:


I have added three more articles featuring some of the keywords you provided:




If I now simply search for “malanda” and “ducati” in Google, http://2wheelsnorth.com shows up at the top of the list!

For a website to remain relevant and interesting to visitors, it is a good idea to keep adding new posts every so often.  Whenever you feel inspired or have some photos from a ride or tour you would like to share, why not write a story on the website, assign it to the “Stories” category and click the ‘share on Facebook’ button to add it to your timeline on Facebook?

This concludes our time and efforts – please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need for assistance.  Thank you for your business.



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